World Allergy Week
2-8 April 2017

Wear a spot of red for World Allergy Week


World Allergy Week is a global campaign of the World Allergy Organisation (WAO). WAO aims to raise awareness of the impact of allergy in our communities.

The Agony of Hives

This years’ theme is ‘The Agony of Hives – What to do when hives and swelling don’t go away’. AIFA and ASCIA (as a member society of the WAO) are supporting this initiative in Australia and New Zealand through our new ‘wear a spot of red’ campaign.

This campaign encourages our supporters to help raise awareness and funds to support research into allergy. You can do this by wearing a spot of red or holding an event in your home, school or workplace.

Why not organise a ‘wear a spot of red’ mufti day at work or decorate your workspace or classroom using ‘a spot of red’? You could also host a ‘spot of red’ morning tea or bake sale.

Make sure you take some photos and post them to social media using #WorldAllergyWeek.

For more details on how to join this initiative visit